About Us

Since our founding in 1988, University Vacuum & Sewing (formerly known as Windsor Vacuum), has grown and flourished more than owners David and Denise could have imagined. After working at the company for 4 years David and Denise purchased the business from then owner and founder Frank DeBartolo. Initially, their goals for the future were to be able to pay their bills, survive, and give their daughters the best life that they possibly could. As time passed they began to develop a sense of who they were as business owners and how they wanted to shape their company. With hard work and dedication to providing a reliable service, University Vacuum & Sewing has become one of the most trusted vacuum stores in all of central Iowa.

We are: Knowledgeable

Every year we attend the VDTA & SDTA (Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association) convention which enables us to network with other successful professionals in our industry. We attend classes on specific products, machine repair, customer service, marketing and more! When we aren’t taking or teaching classes, we are meeting with top executives from the companies whose products we carry in our store. We are able to ask questions and address any concerns we may have. Attending this event keeps us informed and up to date on the latest and greatest our industry has to offer so we are in turn able to bring it back to you!

We are: Experienced

Albert Einstein once said that “The only source of knowledge is experience.” With only 5 full-time employees we bring you more than 90 years of experience in the vacuum, sewing, and cleaning industry. Whether you are in the market for a new machine, a repair, or simply looking for replacement bags; we have you covered. We specialize in sales and customer service and will answer any question you may have about the products in our store with no appointment necessary! If you are needing a repair, we employee 3 highly skilled full-time technicians; which means our turn around times are quick and our repairs are done right the first time.

Fun Fact: Since our founding in 1988 we have served nearly 100,000 customers.

We are: Reliable

Not only do we employee top of the line people, we carry top of the line products; such as Riccar and Sebo. We are firm believers that just because it says something on the box it doesn’t make it true. At University Vacuum & Sewing our showroom gives you the opportunity to see a wide variety of machines and our expert staff will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. We do not sell a single machine that we would not personally use. However, it is important that if you chose to invest in a new machine that you invest in the RIGHT machine for you. Hard surfaces are harder to clean when you have the wrong machine to clean it. Pets, kids, allergies, and floor types are all things that you need to consider when purchasing a vacuum. You can count on us to be honest, and trust that we will help you find the machine that is perfect for YOU!

We are: Friendly

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Being a small business we rely heavily on our reputation to grow. It is important to us to give each and every customer a great experience from beginning to end. We are quite literally a family at University Vacuum & Sewing and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Meet Our Team

Denise Rairdin – Co-Owner & Store Manager

With University Vacuum & Sewing Since – 1992 

Specialties: Denise is a powerhouse in the vacuum industry. Not only does she handle all of our needs in regards to product management, accounting, and sales, she can fix your vacuum too! She also loves sewing; you will often find her in her sewing room on the weekends.

What is your favorite part of working at University Vacuum & Sewing?

“I love helping our customers find the right vacuum for their needs and not just letting them buy what the t.v. or somebody else told them that they needed. I also love spending time with my husband David, even though he drives me crazy sometimes!”

Favorite Hobbies: Making placemats, Traveling anywhere sunny and warm.  

David Rairdin – Co-Owner, Salesperson, & Technician

With University Vacuum & Sewing Since 1988

Specialties: David specializes in repairing shampooers, selling vacuums, and making the boss happy!

What is your favorite part of working at University Vacuum & Sewing?

“I love that I get to take things apart, figure out the problem, solve the problem, and put them back together again.”

Favorite Hobbies: Motorcycle Riding, and Camping!

Fun Fact: David was hired part-time in 1988 over 3 other applicants because the owner liked that he was an Eagle Scout!

Eric D – Technician & Sales

With University Vacuum & Sewing Since 2015

Specialties: Eric specializes in sales, repairing Shark brand products, and lifting morale with his interesting personality.

What is your favorite part of working at University Vacuum & Sewing?

“I love educating people. I often tell customers that it is my job to educate and it is their job to decide. Working at University Vacuum & Sewing has been the best job I have ever had. The environment is outstanding and when David hired me he promised there would be free ice cream.”

What is better than free ice cream?

Fun Fact: We call him the Pie Man because he loves baking! It is one of his favorite pass times! He also LOVES Fruit Cake! 

Eric S – Sewing Machine Technician 

Years with University Vacuum & Sewing: 2004

Specialties: Eric S. is our in house sewing machine technician with over 10 years of experience. He works on all different brand of sewing machines.    

What is your favorite part of working at University Vacuum & Sewing?

“I love to fix things and this job is always challenging and never boring. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that it will be different from the day before.”

Fun Fact: He loves punny dad jokes! He also got kicked out of the coffee club…. because he was wearing a TEA Shirt!

Emily Rairdin- Store Owner Apprentice, Technician & Sales

With University Vacuum & Sewing Since she was Born in 1996

Specialties: Emily specializes in sales, updating the website & POS, and oddball jobs around the shop. She also gets to use the Janome Longarm and do edge to edge quilting for our customers!

What is your favorite part of working at University Vacuum & Sewing?

“I always get to do different things whether it is vacuum or sewing related, advertisement, or sales; I get to make changes that impact our store and I get to watch what I do make a difference.”

Fun Fact: She played Roller Hockey for about 17 years & Roller Derby for about 4 years.