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The Central Vacuum Cleaner Parts You Need

We have the parts and accessories you need for you Central Vacuum System. You’ve installed a central vacuum for its increased power and ability to clean all of the dust, pet hair, and dirt, not just some of it. Especially so if you have allergy sufferers in your home. If this is your situation, you can take heart because we have the parts and accessories you need and they are all just a click away!

Central Vacuum Parts and Accessories

We sell power-heads, hoses, and tools. We also fix the units if you can bring them to us. We do not make house calls to fix central vacuums.

SEBO ET-1 Power Nozzle

  • Fits SEBO Vacuum Cleaner models Airbelt D4, Airbelt C3.1, and Felix 4 Ice Blue Kombi.
  • Features four levels of manual height adjustment that can be switched with a turn of the rotary dial, an incorrect height setting indicator, a brush roll, an on/off light, and a swivel neck.
  • Brushroll can be changed with absolutely no tools required.
  • 12-inch width.


Riccar Volt

  • A new breakthrough in cleaning technology! Your central vacuum system has a lot of suction from the motor unit. Now add a nozzle that has its own powerful motor to your system.
  • Creates even more airflow and suction cleaning your carpets better than ever before. No other nozzle has a motor that creates powerful airflow and suction along with turning a high speed revolving brush creating agitation and grooming action, adding as much as 50% more power.
  • Vacuums hard floors as well as carpets with soft rubber wheels and a rubber squeegee behind the brush so it won’t scatter dirt on floors.
  • And what’s mind-blowing is that this nozzle is cord-free! So it fits virtually every central vac hose. No need to buy an electric hose to get electricity to the nozzle. The Volt has a 44-volt lithium ion battery that has an approximate 60-minute running time.

Beam Electric Powerhead Nozzle BM1393


  • Step on/off switch
  • Headlight with full-length lens
  • Clear easy view belt window
  • Long life metal brush roller


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