LongArm Quilting

Longarm quilting machines enable our professional quilter to load the back, batting, and top into a metal frame and stitch all three layers together at once. We sew edge to edge, left to right, creating a pattern selected by our customer. Because sewing is computerized, all the stitches are clean and even.
The appeal of longarm quilting is that it helps you create quilts faster and without strain. This method allows you to indulge the creative process of designing a quilt, picking out the thread, choosing patterns, etc., while freeing you from the physical responsibility of stitching the quilt

Our Process

1) Bring your Quilt Top, batting (optional), and backing (optional) into University Vacuum & Sewing and sit down with one of our quilting professionals.
2) We will help you fill out a Quilt Drop off Form.
3) Measurement Verification.
4) At this point you will pick; Pattern Design, Thread, Backing (optional).
5) Tell us any comments; like directional top/back, do not return fabric & or batting
scraps, and or any other comments.
6) You go home! Your Quilt stays with us! We work on the quilts in the order they come
in so the sooner it is here the sooner it will be done. It typically takes 3-4 weeks for
us to finish a quilt.
7) We call you! You come get your beautiful quilt!


Can I use my own backing and batting?
Yes! While we do have backing and batting for you to choose from you can bring your own, but keep in mind we can’t guarantee the results. Some fabrics or batting may skew how the machine works.
Do you do custom quilting?
At this time, we are not offering custom quilting. We may in the future.
Can you Quilt my T-Shirt Quilt for me?
Yes! Just make sure your T-Shirts are stabilized and not stretched.
What kind of backing can I use?
We recommend cotton, but flannel, knits, and minky also work well.

These are some of our standard edge to edge pattern designs that we offer!


We charge $0.02 per square inch for our standard designs.

These are some of our deluxe edge to edge pattern designs that we offer!


We charge $0.03 per square inch for our deluxe designs.


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